“It was an amazing day and I have to say that it was fantastic to not have to think about my make up at all.

It never smudged or needed touching up – I could just relax and enjoy myself”.

– Charlotte –




Your Wedding is about you, you feeling great and you having fun together with your bridal party, family and friends!

Valentina Costa and her wonderful team is ecstatic and enthusiastic to make your dream a reality and have you experience beauty on your own terms by creating a look that will be uniquely yours for the most memorable day of your entire life.

An expert team – organized, clean, punctual, well mannered –  will create flawless looks that remain fresh and camera ready all day, thanks to specifically selected, top brand products and experience. Merging know-how, research, trends, spirit of reinvention with innovative, HD, organic products, guaranteeing pristine results and a celebrity experience from beginning to the end – our vocation and priority.

The artists specialize in conventional, airbrush, HD, photographic, corrective makeup, tattoo covering and application of lashes. Inquire about our bridal packages at . Classic, modern, fresh, bohemian? We got you covered! Touch up kit and touch ups during the receptions can be arranged with pleasure on request.

Based in Orlando, FL, Valentina and her team is equipped to travel worldwide.

All team members are licensed and internationally certified and published.




The Trial


It is ideal to book a trial for at least 4-6 weeks before your Wedding Day, at a relaxed and private location of your choice.

This is the best time to go over details and test products and ideas to guarantee a smooth run on the Wedding Day! An essential opportunity to share your preferences, request our experienced team for suggestions, let us know about possible sensitivities and allergies.

Following the trial you will have the option to receive a contract and pay a deposit to secure the availability of the artist(s) providing the trial. The trial is paid in full by the trial day. Payments can be made in cash and  electronically. Trials take approximately one hour per look.




Getting Ready


Tans, hair dyes, perms and other treatments must be done well in advance and never on the week of your wedding. Manicure, pedicure and exfoliation are to be avoided on the day.

Clip-in hair extensions must be previously purchased, cut, dyed, and ready to be applied and styled.

Buttoned down shirts or shirts with a wide neckline are the perfect choice of clothes that will allow to change without compromising the look. A beauty bag with blot powder, lipstick, and gloss could come in handy to touch up later in the event.

It is recommended to hydrate properly and eat healthy throughout the month prior to the wedding.

Do not hesitate to reach out for any concern prior to treatment.




On Your Wedding Day


Sleeping approximately eight hours, having breakfast and doing some exercise or meditation, before getting to hair and makeup, is an excellent start to your Wedding Day!

A cleared surface close to outlets and natural light will guarantee the most beautiful results.

Arriving at contracted getting ready time with clean, moisturized face and clean to one day unwashed hair will allow the artist(s) to use the allotted time to deliver creations of the highest quality.

Contact us

407 227 0738
















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